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Okna PCV softline



Okna PCV softline


SOFTLINE 82 MD window systems


  • energy efficient
  • modern
  • multi-chamber
  • waterproof and durable


  • "A" class 7-chamber profile with wall thickness of 82 mm
  • full steel in frame
  • three durable seals
  • possibility of manufacturing windows, patio doors and front doors


  • modern fittings activPilot concept
  • micro ventilation
  • burglary-resistant function
  • multi-stepped ventilation mechanism, so-called MSL
  • hidden fittings activPilot select


  • Triple glazing 4/16/4/16/4 with warm frames swissapcer
  • U of glass = 0,6 W/m2K
  • possibility of applying the glazing up to a thickness of 52 mm


VEKA window profile system for multi-chamber geometry (7 chambers in the frame profile and 6 chambers in the casement profile) and mounting depth of 82 mm, providing energy efficiency at the highest level (range from an energy-efficient house up to a passive house). When using glass with heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0,7 W/(m2K) and with linear heat transfer coefficient of ψg = 0.050 W/(mk), you can get for the whole window Uw = 0.91 W/(m2K). When using glass of Ug = 0.4 W / (m 2 K) and ψg = 0.035 W / (mk), you can get Uw =0,67 W/(m2K). The profile system itself has an insulation value of Uf = 1.0 W / (m 2 K).


Triple glazing or double glazing with glass thickness of 24 to 52 mm makes it possible to glaze frames and sashes according to individual needs.


External profile wall thickness ≥ 2.8 mm, i.e., the parameter meets the highest RAL standards - "A" class (PN-EN 12608).


The set of three seals (outer, middle and inner) insulates in an exemplary way noise, cold, damp and draught. The middle seal securely fastened to the frame of high quality material ensures a long life of the seals.


The latest WINKHAUS model - activPilot concept:
Winkhaus applied a new method in the activPilot fitting - octagonal locking pin, called shortly mushroom head.The way to regulate the sash pressure to the frame is also new - precise and comfortable. An absolute innovation is a slim window lever with a movable jamb which is activated by pressing a button. The elegance of this solution has many supporters.

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